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selection process

If the candidate reaches the cut-off score, the examiners will brief him/her on the next steps in the pre-employment process. The tone of voice and delivery pauses or hesitancy may indicate that additional questioning is necessary. If this is the case it should be noted. also contact each lawyer to ensure accuracy of all published information. Ask questions as you would in an employment interview. Additional Advertising Resources A variety of recruiting sources both internally and externally should be utilized to attract candidates who reflect the diversity OCR values in its workforce. Recruitment precedes selection in staffing process. Professional Conference and Campus Recruiting Conference and campus recruiting events are a great way to market OCR and your department and provide you with an opportunity to network with potential qualified candidates for current and future openings.

Kemp: That was the one making the connection between the Supreme Court’s decision on voter ID laws, a unanimous decision, but they were making some kind of connection with some kind of position of the Obama administration. So I didn’t think that was fair because it was a unanimous decision. When the public looks at these races and sees these types of ads and the dark money coming in, how does that affect their judgment of the races? Kemp: I don’t know, that’s hard, I’m not sure. more info hereI think overall people don’t prefer those kinds of ads. I think they’d want to see more positive ads themselves. I think it may bring about more skepticism on all races, not just judicial races but all races. Since the election, what kind of conversations and meetings have you had with your fellow Supreme Court justices? Kemp: We’ve had one meeting, the five justices on the court, plus me and Judge Womack.

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