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“Your graduation is not only important to you, your quality of life and your future; it’s important to our state,” Williams said. She said today’s graduate can expect to have, on average, 14 to 16 different jobs in their career, about twice the number of previous generations. “There’s a lot of opportunity within that change,” she said. “You can expect to take on jobs in the next few years that haven’t even been invented yet. What you’ve learned at Campbell – to think critically and creatively – will be critical to your long-term success.” INSPIRATION: Celina Wildemann of Middletown, Rhode Island, was among the 36 charter class members of Campbell’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program receiving their degrees Saturday. Wildemann was inspired to go into physical therapy after seeing her older sister – a star athlete in high school see this here – suffer two serious ACL injuries. “My sister always paved the way for me, and she’s the big reason I chose this profession.” Wildemann is off to San Francisco next year to begin her career. DID YOU SEE?: Saturday marked the 46th and final commencement for registrar David McGirt, who Campbell alumni know as the serious, monotoned voice giving graduates their pre-commencement instructions before every playing of Pomp and Circumstance. McGirt stood on his interview skills seminar ladder in front of grads for the last time – “It’s like I’m graduating with you,” he told the group. MORTARBOARD ART: Selene Castillo was too young to remember her parents immigrating illegally to the U.S. from Mexico to find better lives.

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